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Internet Service

You may have multiple options for Internet service, especially if you live in a more urban location. Internet services may include fiber optic Internet, cable Internet, DSL Internet, mobile broadband or wireless Internet, satellite Internet, or dialup access. With so many choices for high-speed Internet service providers in your area you'll need some way to sort out all of your options, and that's exactly what we provide. You can view Internet providers available for your address, in addition to high-speed Internet plans, internet packages, Internet prices, and available internet download / upload speeds as advertised.

Fiber Optic Internet Service

There are a couple different types of fiber optic Internet service providers. Option A is through a fiber optic cable provider which is a hybrid mix of fiber, and cable in most cases, but cable Internet providers like Time Warner cable can deliver download speeds of up to 50 Mbps. This is also referred to as wideband Internet. DSL providers, most notably Verizon FiOS can also deliver download speeds up to 50 Mbps with a 100% fiber optic network directly connected to your home.

Cable Internet Service

Once known for cable TV, nearly every cable provider in the United States offers high-speed Internet, or broadband access. Normal cable broadband requires a cable modem, which is typically supplied by the cable company. If you opt for wideband Internet service you'll need a special wideband internet modem. A cable Internet connection uses the same cable you might use for cable TV, though cable TV is not required for Internet service.

DSL Internet Service

When you order wired high-speed Internet through a telephone provider it's typically DSL Internet service which uses the same connection as your phone line. Don't worry though, unlike dialup, there will be no interuption in your Internet connection if you receive, or need to make a phone call. Most DSL Internet service providers supply what's known as a wireless gateway which is a DSL modem, and DSL wireless router all in one. DSL providers might also offer fiber optic Internet service depending on your location, and availability of that service in your area.

Mobile Broadband Internet Service

You might have a couple of choices for mobile broadband service in your area, both in wireless Internet connection speeds, and wireless Internet providers. You might have a choice of a 3G network, 4G network, or 4G LTE (long term evolution) such as Verizon.

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