DSL Internet Without Phone Service and No Phone Line

It is possible to get DSL internet service without phone service, or even a working phone line, but a physical phone line is required. A DSL line without phone service can typically cost between $5 to $10 more than DSL bundled with phone service. DSL with no phone is called naked DSL, and is also referred to as dry loop DSL.

Reasons You Might Want DSL with No Phone

DSL is in most cases provided by the same providers that offers landline telephone service in your area. We all know landline phone service can be more expensive than modern digital calling plans like VoIP, or digital phone service through a cable provider. If you have a small business it’s possible you might want DSL on a dedicated line, and possibly using a digital phone plan for your business as well, or even a cell phone. Bottom line, even with the extra fee, most customers need DSL with no phone for cost savings.

How to Get High-Speed Internet With No Phone Line

Even if you don’t have a physical phone line you may still be able to get high-speed Internet. It just won’t be DSL. High speed internet plans are also available from 4G providers, and cable providers, neither of which require a phone line at all. You might also opt for 3G if you can deal with the slower speeds. Note that 4G and 3G providers typically require the use of a usb dongle, or using your current wireless device as a WiFi hotspot which will likely have additional fees. You’re probably better of going through a cable provider for Internet if there area any available in your area.

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